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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Great Week [in my Inbox]...

 …and it’s only Tuesday!

I’ve loved enough to share some of these on my Fb wall. Kinda strange to acknowledge that some days I share loads and other times, nada. Trust me when I say that posts I share and/or ‘Like’ are the ones that have spoken to my heart.

Here’s a few more that have touched me from today’s Inbox:

Liz incorporates a link where you can scroll on the recording to listen to her recent radio interview. I found it at approx 2hrs 9 mins into the show. Definitely worth the time of taking a few mins to listen.

This spoke to me today: '...those who are “in Christ," the distance has been closed by the Cross!'  An amazing reminder of my generous and amazing God.

I subscribe to a few devotionals that encourage me on my everyday walk with Jesus.

These are two links of the many which have inspired me today.

What's inspired you today?

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Celebration!

Just popping by to say I'm thrilled that we've completed our current manuscript! Graham has it here right now, signed, sealed and ready to deliver BEFORE the RNA's NWS deadline ('cept the local post office doesn't open until tomorrow) and I'm under strict orders to STAY AWAY from it. 

This means it'll remain pristine when it arrives at its destination later this week (God and the Post Office willing). Did I already mention that we're ready BEFORE the actual deadline...Yes, I know, it's only just before but all the same...