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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blog revamp

This blog has been pretty quiet for the past couple of years, so Sue and I have decided to give it a major revamp. This will be taking place from now until the end of the month. We're still on our journey to becoming published historical romance writers, and we want this blog to once more become the useful resource it once was to both readers and writers.

I'm going to be keeping the blog updated every week with an assortment of the following posts:

  • Our writing journey. A mix of day-to-day progress, successes, failures and everything inbetween. An important part of this will see me blogging about inspirations - the things that help me sit down and write. It could be anything from a photo of a thatched cottage to a description of a summer's walk through the countryside.
  • Local history. Sue and I are lucky enough to live in a place surrounded by history in terms of the little stories that most people don't know. For instance, in our neighbouring village we had a medieval outlaw beheaded outside the very church in which he'd sought refuge. Again, we find things like this hugely inspirational and I hope to be sharing some of that stimulation.
  • Writing advice. Here's where we'll be sharing the tips, tricks and lessons we've picked up to help fellow authors with their work.
  • Anglo-Saxon history. Our novels are firmly entrenched within the Anglo-Saxon era, so I'll be including posts detailing archaeological discoveries and research linked to those times.
  • Romantic inspirations. Here's where I'll be looking at important fictional heroes and heroines as well as actors and personalities who act as our muses.
  • Reviews. As and when we come across any relevant media.

We're both looking forward to what we're hoping will be an eventful and useful year.


Jacqueline Hutchinson said...

Please send my regards to Sue. She connected with me a few years back and I'm glad she is still blogging even if it is sporadic! I hope she is well.