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About Gray

I started writing when I was a child and, some twenty five years later, I still haven't stopped. I’m a writer because I was born that way. I can’t go without writing. When I don’t have something on the boil I feel like a piece of me is missing and something is unfulfilled.

Escapism is a big part of my life. Half of the time my mind is elsewhere, in another time or place. I'm constantly wondering ‘what if?’. Writing is the answer, the ultimate solution, the way I can do something with those thoughts and feelings.

I live in a rural corner of Leicestershire, in the heart of England. My wife and I inhabit a Victorian cottage in a picturesque village which works wonders for my inspiration. When I'm not writing, my passions for film, literature, genealogy, history, gardening, television and the arts help to fill my creative bank.

I've completed five full-length manuscripts to date - two of them contemporary, three historical - and am working towards publication. I'm also studying for an MA in Professional Writing with University College Falmouth in order to further develop my skills.