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Our Stories

~ 2012 ~

Coming soon...
 ~ 2010-2011 ~

Leola & Wulfric's story

Gray and I agreed to focus on the Historical Romances for the foreseeable future (read: until we reach publication).
We had an AMAZING NWS Report (the best yet)! Gray had to drag me away from this manuscript.

Instead, we're currently incorporating our Reader's suggestions/advice (major light bulb moments for us) into our next story.

~ 2009 ~

Arianne & Kal's story

This was a M&B Romance. Arianne was an original character I wrote for a M&B back in the mid-'90s (before the Romance series had its own line).When Gray stumbled across my partial manuscript (the first that I ever submitted, and VERY cringe-worthy to my eyes!), along with an editor's encouraging rejection letter, he saw the potential to transform the story to fit the Romance line.

We first revised this plot back in 2007 for a M&B Modern first chapter competition before realising it was more fitting for the Romance series. Unfortunately, it fell by the wayside after a change of direction (see above) and remains unfinished.
Kate & Matt's story

The second contemporary romance Gray and I worked on together. I was initially reluctant because these characters dated back to 2006 (before I'd even dreamt that one day we'd write together) and I was targeting them towards the Medical series. We rewrote the entire plot and manuscript so that it was a fit for the Romance series.

I finally submitted this revised and completed manuscript to the NWS and was thrilled to bits with all the positive feedback it received. However, just as I was ready to get stuck into the revisions, Real Life interrupted and that's when we decided we needed to stick to writing the one genre - historical (see 2010's note above).
~ 2008 ~

Sam & Katherine's story

This was our first collaborative M&B Historical, born in 2008. It was submitted to the NWS in 2009 and received great reader feedback.

This story will be revised sometime in the future.

Beth & Josh's story

The first completed manuscript we ever fully worked on together. We wrote it to fit the Medical series and it was my second NWS submission and a lot was learnt from the feedback.

We did plan to re-plot this story in the future to fit the Romance line.

~ 2007 ~

Claire & Jon's story

My first uncompleted attempt (before we worked together) at a M&B Romance in 2007. It was also my first year in the NWS and didn't do great with the reader. Ho-hum...

(2007 was also my annus horribilis - a year full of relapses that I spent mostly in bed and then a wheelchair. Not pleasant memories all round!)

This was also the year that Gray wrote his first historical (read: without any interference from me!). The ladies might be interested to know that Richard Armitage was the hero inspiration (umm...okay, maybe I did interfere a tad!).

William & Olivia's story 

This was Graham's first NWS submission in 2008. He received great reader comments which he's still very grateful for. He's shelved this project for now but if I have my way, we'll work on it together in the future.

Remember guys, no writing is EVER wasted! - Sue